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Twitter or Not? Readers ask if Stiller’s a Twit

Twitter problem

Recently, I’ve received a flurry of emails asking whether Ben Stiller is Twittering away under the name “@ben_stiller” — which at its peak, had over 61,000 followers.

Considering that Ben has previously shown a general disinterest in directly communicating with fans,¬† it doesn’t appear likely that he’d suddenly become a voracious Twitaholic.

Nor would we expect that Ben has the time to twiddle his thumbs, as he has been filming Greenberg this past month. Currently, Stiller’s in London, doing press for the release of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsoniann — which will have its world premiere Tuesday evening at Leicester Square.

On Monday, Brit TV interviewer Jonathan Ross (@Wossy on Twitter) informally asked about his online habits, and reports that Stiller doesn’t give a Tweet about Twitter.

Is that definitive? I’ll try to track down a second source later today to give us the proverbial straight Twooth. (Ok, enough with the puns, already!)

When chatting online, it’s always good to remember the old adage: “on the Internet, nobody knows [if] you’re a dog.”

Update: As of Wednesday morning, the @ben_stiller account has been disabled.

From the mailbag: Sending to Stiller?

It’s time again for reader’s questions! Today’s comes from “Trowilson” who asks,

i wanna send Ben something small¬† (but bigger than a letter) in the mail… Does anybody know what address he is likely to actually get it at?

Like most celebrities, Ben doesn’t give out his direct contact info. However, a good bet to get something to him is to send to his publicist, ID-PR:

Ben Stiller
c/o ID-PR
8409 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood CA 90069

Alternatively, you can try his production company:

Red Hour Films
629 N. La Brea
Los Angeles, CA, CA 90036

Either way, don’t expect a personal response, as unfortunately, Ben has stated previously that he doesn’t reply to fan mail.