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Ben Stiller launches humanitarian effort Stillerstrong

While BenStiller.net may have been in hibernation this month, Ben Stiller has been all over the place, launching a new charity in support of Save The Children.

Aping his friend Lance Armstrong, the campaign is called “STILLERSTRONG” with proceeds going towards construction, furnishing and maintenance of a new school in Cévérine, Haiti.

Stiller has been promoting the effort in a series of YouTube videos, starting with this intro:

So far, over $122,000 has been raised. Donations can be given through the StillerStrong.org website; through a $5 text message; or by purchasing a “StillerStrong” headband, ranging from $14.99 to $300 for limited autographed editions.

MTV honors Stiller with Generation Award

Ben Stiller at 2005 MTV Movie Awards
Ben Stiller at 2005 MTV Movie Awards

At the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, Ben Stiller will be getting the Generation Award — MTV’s “lifetime achievement” recognition.

“I am honored to be getting the Generation Award,” Stiller said. “I was given my first show at MTV and also canceled for the first time.”

Stiller has had a long and storied history with MTV: in 1990, he hosted the proto-version of The Ben Stiller Show, which ran for a dozen episodes on the network, and later evolved into the better-known version on FOX, going on to launch the careers of a generation of creative performers (including the show’s co-creator and writer Judd Apatow.)

Since then, Stiller has continued the tradition of sketch comedy, regularly appearing in spoofs during various award shows on MTV and its Viacom-owned sister networks VH1 and Nickelodeon, notably launching the character of Derek Zoolander for VH1’s Fashion Awards show in 1996 and 1997.

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MakingOf speaks with Stiller on career, directing

Ben Stiller offers some insights in a recent exclusive with the “behind-the-scenes Web portal” MakingOf, in which he discusses the differences between stage and screen performing, and his directorial methods.

See the interview below, and check out the excellent site MakingOf.com, founded by Christine Aylward and Natalie Portman. The site’s mission is to “champion the art and craft of entertainment creation” and aims to give fans the opportunity to learn from the insiders.

And watch this fun interview with a future entertainment reporter, in which Stiller talks about his new film, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

Thanks to Nicoletta for the tip!

Night at the Museum sequel opens in US

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) and Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams) face a battle so epic, it could only unfold in the corridors of the world’s largest museum and receptacle of human knowledge – the Smithsonian Institution.

This summer’s next big blockbuster, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, opens Friday across the US for the Memorial Day weekend. In this sequel to his hit 2006 film, Ben Stiller revisits the character of former night watchman Larry Daley, called back into action to protect the exhibits of America’s cultural storehouse, the Smithsonian.

This time around, in addition to returning stars Owen Wilson, Robin Williams, Steve Coogan and Ricky Gervais, the cast is rounded out by Amy Adams and Hank Azaria, along with Bill Hader and Christopher Guest. Plus, look for cameos from Jay Baruchel and Mindy Kaling.

Early reviews proclaim it fun family entertainment.

The movie premiered last week in DC and a week earlier in London, with Stiller and the cast making the rounds of the press circuit.

Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollwood believes that the movie will be a huge hit with families, projecting it to be the top grosser at the end of the long weekend, with $85M and proclaiming, “Museum 2 is likely to have summer legs.”

Selected movie reviews follow…

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Stiller at LA benefit for Writers In Treatment

Leonard Buschel, chair of the nonprofit Writer In Treatment, shared some images of Ben Stiller from his appearance at last month’s REEL Recovery Film Series.

On April 7, Ben helped kick off the series with his friend, Jerry Stahl, in whose 1998 film Permanent Midnight Stiller portrayed the writer as he falls deeper into drug addiction. Based on Stahl’s memoir, the film was lauded for Stiller’s realist depiction of substance abuse. The movie featured Owen Wilson as Stahl’s friend and Janeane Garofalo as his agent.

Writers In Treatment is an independent California non-profit public benefit corporation started by writers and substance abuse counselors in 2008. The program is funded by individual contributions, grants and fundraising events and projects.

For more information on the organization, see: www.writersintreatment.org