Ben Stiller dot Net Mo' Stiller, Less Filler 2010-02-23T01:47:38Z WordPress Simon <![CDATA[Ben Stiller launches humanitarian effort Stillerstrong]]> 2009-12-26T21:41:44Z 2009-12-26T21:28:17Z While may have been in hibernation this month, Ben Stiller has been all over the place, launching a new charity in support of Save The Children.

Aping his friend Lance Armstrong, the campaign is called “STILLERSTRONG” with proceeds going towards construction, furnishing and maintenance of a new school in Cévérine, Haiti.

Stiller has been [...]]]>

Simon <![CDATA[Writer Sultan Pepper Dies Unexpectedly]]> 2010-01-07T17:48:01Z 2009-11-10T01:58:25Z Sad news to report:

Comedy writer Sultan Pepper, 47, who won an Emmy in 1993 for her work on The Ben Stiller Show, passed away on October 20. She was the sole female writer on the Stiller series, and later went on to write and produce for a number of other shows, including Blind Date, [...]]]>

Simon <![CDATA[Amoeba Music asks Ben, What’s in your Bag?]]> 2009-07-02T23:08:32Z 2009-07-02T21:49:34Z Ben Stiller recently stopped by famed LA music and movie retailer Amoeba Music to pick up some DVDs for his family, and graciously opened his shopping basket for all to see, as part of a video series, “What’s In My Bag?”

According to Rachael who conducted the interview,

Ben talks about the first movie he [...]]]>

Simon <![CDATA[MTV honors Stiller with Generation Award]]> 2009-05-29T08:54:43Z 2009-05-27T03:07:10Z Ben Stiller at 2005 MTV Movie Awards

At the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, Ben Stiller will be getting the Generation Award — MTV’s “lifetime achievement” recognition.

“I am honored to be getting the Generation Award,” Stiller said. “I was given my first show at MTV and also canceled for the first time.”

Stiller has [...]]]>

Simon <![CDATA[Stiller reveals serious side in interview with Filmink]]> 2009-05-26T02:57:52Z 2009-05-25T00:58:03Z Australian movie magazine FILMINK speaks with Ben Stiller about his career and new film in their latest issue. Included are some revealing tidbits, such as Stiller’s admission at being socially awkward and unpopular as a teen. Check out the interview below. Filmink can be found on newstands in Australia, or purchased through the site

Simon <![CDATA[Gallery: Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian]]> 2009-05-29T07:23:24Z 2009-05-23T07:20:48Z [Show slideshow]

Simon <![CDATA[MakingOf speaks with Stiller on career, directing]]> 2009-05-25T01:13:13Z 2009-05-22T20:54:16Z Ben Stiller offers some insights in a recent exclusive with the “behind-the-scenes Web portal” MakingOf, in which he discusses the differences between stage and screen performing, and his directorial methods.

See the interview below, and check out the excellent site, founded by Christine Aylward and Natalie Portman. The site’s mission is to “champion the [...]]]>

Simon <![CDATA[Night at the Museum sequel opens in US]]> 2010-01-10T00:22:49Z 2009-05-22T20:25:14Z Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) and Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams) face a battle so epic, it could only unfold in the corridors of the world’s largest museum and receptacle of human knowledge – the Smithsonian Institution.

This summer’s next big blockbuster, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, opens Friday across the US for [...]]]>

Simon <![CDATA[Stiller at LA benefit for Writers In Treatment]]> 2009-05-22T23:34:33Z 2009-05-22T19:49:17Z Leonard Buschel, chair of the nonprofit Writer In Treatment, shared some images of Ben Stiller from his appearance at last month’s REEL Recovery Film Series.

On April 7, Ben helped kick off the series with his friend, Jerry Stahl, in whose 1998 film Permanent Midnight Stiller portrayed the writer as he falls deeper into drug [...]]]>

Simon <![CDATA[Ben Stiller on UK’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross]]> 2009-05-23T19:21:14Z 2009-05-20T21:26:41Z Last week, Ben was across the pond, promoting his new film, and popped over to TV presenter Jonathan Ross’s chat show.

You can watch the interview following the jump, which starts with extensive footage from Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

Towards the end of the chat, Stiller discusses one idea for a [...]]]>