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About BSdN

Welcome to the all new Ben Stiller dot Net — now with more Ben than ever!

BenStiller.net went online in September 1998, following a move from GeoCities. Since then, it has seen over a quarter million visitors. This site¬†is produced solely as a fan project, initially to celebrate the extremely short-lived Ben Stiller Show — and now to expand the appreciation for the work of Ben Stiller and his cadre of talented friends.

The site is undergoing a transition — from the static HTML of yesteryear to a fancy, future-proofed, feature-rich dynamic and buzz-wordy, um… thing. Please stick around while I add lots of new content and other assorted goodies. While you wait, you can still find the “old” site at: http://www.benstiller.net/old

BSdN is not officially endorsed or connected to Ben Stiller, or the producers or rights holders of The Ben Stiller Show.

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  • Bastian

    Dear Mr. Stiller,

    my name is Bastian and I live in Germany. My friends often tell me that I look like you so I can be a duplicate of you.

    When you are interested in a duplicate you can contact me and I will send you some photos.

    Best regards


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