About BSdN

Welcome to the all new Ben Stiller dot Net — now with more Ben than ever!

BenStiller.net went online in September 1998, following a move from GeoCities. Since then, it has seen over a quarter million visitors. This site¬†is produced solely as a fan project, initially to celebrate the extremely short-lived Ben Stiller Show — and now to expand the appreciation for the work of Ben Stiller and his cadre of talented friends.

The site is undergoing a transition — from the static HTML of yesteryear to a fancy, future-proofed, feature-rich dynamic and buzz-wordy, um… thing. Please stick around while I add lots of new content and other assorted goodies. While you wait, you can still find the “old” site at: http://www.benstiller.net/old

BSdN is not officially endorsed or connected to Ben Stiller, or the producers or rights holders of The Ben Stiller Show.

One thought on “About BSdN”

  1. Dear Mr. Stiller,

    my name is Bastian and I live in Germany. My friends often tell me that I look like you so I can be a duplicate of you.

    When you are interested in a duplicate you can contact me and I will send you some photos.

    Best regards


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